Championing excellence through certified practices

At DarkGuard, we ardently believe that a commitment to stringent standards and secure operations is paramount in ensuring the unwavering quality and security of our services. We’re proud to announce that our organization is ISO 27001:2022 certified, underscoring our robust management of information security and the unyielding protection of client and company data.

Following a rigorous assessment process we are honoured to have been chosen as a supplier of Digital Outcomes to the UK government.

In our relentless pursuit to fortify our cyber resilience, we have also secured the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications.

These accreditations affirm our adeptness at safeguarding against a wide array of cyber threats and underscore our devotion to maintaining a steadfast, secure, and reliable operating environment for our clients and partners.

Your trust is our impetus, and these certifications reflect our unyielding commitment to ensuring that every interaction and transaction occurs within a fortress of security and operational excellence.

DarkGuard ISO27001 certified
DarkGuard Crown Commercial Supplier
DarkGuard Cyber Essentials Plus certified

Harnessing the power of expertise: Our certified professionals

At DarkGuard, our enduring commitment to ushering in an era where technology amplifies opportunities for all is built upon the steadfast pillars of security, equality, and global development.

Our hand-picked team is emblematic of this dedication, merging vast, certified expertise with a drive to create a digitally secure environment for our clients and beyond.

The multitude of certifications held by our staff, including CISSP, CREST, OSCP, CIPP, MS Azure and several others, is not merely a testament to their individual skills but an embodiment of our collective endeavour to ensure that technology remains a secure, accessible beacon for progress across all of society.

Whether spearheading secure infrastructures or safeguarding sensitive data, our professionals leverage their certified expertise to facilitate a technological landscape where security and opportunity are not just available but assured for all. In continually advancing our skills and knowledge, we navigate the complexities of the digital realm, making strides in not only defending against cyber threats but also in contributing towards a sustainable, secure, and inclusive digital future.